‚ÄčLeo Dondrick is the new unlimited head coach!!! 
2016 Football and Cheer sign-ups
Saturday, June 25th, 9am-11am
Thursday, July 6th, 6:30pm-8pm
Thursday, July 13th, 6:30pm-8pm
Thursday, July 20th, 6:30pm-8pm
You may also turn in any missing paperwork and pay balances.
Football Players:  Ages 5-15 year olds
Travel Package fee*                                                     $40.00
Non-refundable jersey fee                                            $45.00
Volunteer fee*                                                               $20.00
Total Cost =                                                                 $285.00
* Travel package includes a game day shirt, shorts, mouth piece, chin strap, Oct. pink socks & mouth piece
Cheerleaders:  Ages 5-15 year olds
Registration fee
Travel Package fee*                                                     $45.00
Volunteer fee**   per child***                                         $20.00
Total Cost =                                                                $245.00
* Travel package includes shirt, shorts, bloomers, game day and competition bows
Multiplayer discount is available for families, $10.00 off each additional registration fee after 1st full price registration
** Volunteer fee is refundable after 2 volunteered hours.  You are responsible for picking up your refund before closing day ceremonies or refund is forfited.
***Roster spots will ONLY be reserved for participants that adhere to the payment guidelines***
League President Joy Moore
Athletic Director: Don Baker
Cheer Coordinator: Nancy Pouge



  • The objectives of the association shall be to implant firmly in eyes of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship,honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence.
  • To give as many eligible youths as possible an opportunity to play game of football and cheer.
  • To provide an organized program  with adequate supervision, training and protection for all those involved.
  • To bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skills or the winning of the game is only secondary, and the molding of young men and women is of the primary importance.


Pop Warner football has been around since the inception of the league in 1929 by founder Joseph J. Tomlin as a four-team conference in Northeast Philadelphia.

Pop Warner exists to use football, cheerleading, dance and a respect for education to develop strong, smart, responsible, healthy young men and women. We give them experiences that build their appreciation for and understanding of leadership, teamwork, and discipline.

While individual statistics may be more common, particularly among older football players, Pop Warner only recognizes the athletic accomplishments of the team, not the individual. We don't track personal tallies of touchdowns or yards rushing per game. We don't count sacks or blocked kicks. We applaud the athletic efforts of the team to reinforce the importance of teamwork, with each member.

We don't try to build stars. We don't want to over-inflate a young ego, nor do we want to risk injuring the self-esteem of a young person. Whether our kids have good days or bad, they are still an integral part of our team…and always will be.


2014 was a goodyear! We made 2015 a GREAT year!!

Now, it's time to start working on a fantastic 2016 Season!!!

"Are you proud to be a NORTH KNIGHT...YES WE ARE!"


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North Fort Myers Jr. Football Association


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